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Dirk U. Moench is Creative Director of INUCE.
His work is characterized by the concern about the effects the current urbanization speed has on urban residents, especially in fast growing developing countries. In it he expresses the hope that architecture can induce a localized healing process to traumatized urban environments, by reinforcing human contact, developing local heritage, and facilitating spiritual experience - thus fulfilling the most essential human needs.
Dirk U. Moench is a registered architect at the Chamber of Architects in Hessen, Germany. His career as a practitioner in the fields of architecture and urban design is complemented by his lecturing at Fuzhou University and by his independent work in the fields of digital art and plastic art.
Lin Xi is Managing Director of INUCE.
Her responsible areas include business development, marketing engineering, and project specific consulting. With years of experience in the areas of corporate finance and strategy in both North America and Asia, Lin Xi brings in a unique managerial perspective into the company’s management portfolio. She uses her quantitative skill set and the industrial network resources to help the INUCE clients conducting target group researches, economic feasibility studies, profitability analysis and strategic planning. Lin concentrated her study in international business in Marquette University, USA, and obtained her MBA degree from Purdue University, USA and Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.
Uwe Moench is the founder of INUCE.
Having an engineering background specialized in the field of mechatronics, Mr. Moench has spent a large share of his professional carreer working within the automotive and electronic industry. Important moments of his professional career include the foundation of several firms in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and responsibilities as CEO for companies in Germany. Ever since Mr. Moench has taken up new challenges in various business fields throughout Europe and the world. His life-long experience as business – leader in international companies is the solid foundation on which our company’s development is based. Currently Mr. Moench is coordinating the firm’s strategic operations from INUCE’s headquarter in Europe.
Thomas Spindler is project designer for INUCE.
He has worked in several architectural practices in Germany and Luxemburg, where his responsibilities were focused on project management, site supervision and façade development. Before topping off his professional training at the Public Construction Authority in Germany, Thomas’ academic research has been heavily focused on highrise renovation projects. He conducted his studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and the Technical University Berlin, where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture. Thomas brings into the firm extensive experience in architectural construction design and detailing.
Martin Bücking is project designer for INUCE.
Throughout his career Martin has been involved in masterplanning projects devoted to develop flood retention and water management strategies within densely inhabited areas, as well as the redevelopment of former harbours and industrial areas by urban riversides. He has obtained a substantial professional experience working in several offices throughout Germany as the responsible project designer. Martin’s studies in architectural and land use strategies were led at universities in France and Germany, culminating in a Masters Degree obtained at the Technical University Berlin. At INUCE Martin’s skillset and expertise contributes to landscape and urban design projects.
Kai Ginkel is the sociologic consultant for INUCE’s projects.
Having obtained his Masters Degree in Sociology at the Technical University Darmstadt focussing his studies on constraints and behaviors within different social contexts, Kai’s profound understanding of urban society, the interdependencies between urban culture, economy and history are now a constant guidance to INUCE's project teams and therefore contribute to all our architectural and urban designs from the early stages on, representing a key component to INUCE’s quality in project analysis and solution.
Britta Moench-Pingel is the responsible person for Public Relations at INUCE.
Having obtained her professional background in business administration after conducting her studies in Germany, Britta has worked for multi-national companies focusing her work on the coordination and implementation of infrastructural cross-boarder projects between the German headquarters and the international subsidiaries. Her personal and professional skill set is topped off by her mastering several languages fluently, making Britta the ideal spokesperson for our headquarters in Europe. Her responsible areas include the advertising, planning, and organization of promotional moves and events for INUCE.
Holm Pingel is the IT Consultant for INUCE.
Holm concentrated his studies in IT on business informatics and commercial IT in Germany, before conducting his professional carreer as IT specialist and programmer at several European Companies. At INUCE his analytical skill set and expertise contribute to all the technical measures and developments in the office, especially the implementation and supervision of 3D programs and equipment for architectural design and visualization as well as the development and quality control of such renderings.
Andreas Barth is Marketing Consultant for INUCE.
With an educational background in the banking sector and already several years of professional experience in German banks, Andreas has succeedingly studied Microeconomy at the renowned University of Mannheim. Ever since he has offered his consulting services to entrepreneurs and companies helping them to optimize processes, promote their businesses, and better meet their clients demands. His responsible areas at INUCE include the development of marketing strategies for Europe and abroad, the research and development of new potential markets as well as business fields for our company.
AVT Technical Consulting: INUCE’s Strategic Partner AVT is a Germany based company led by the architects v.Törne. With over 30 years of experience in architectural planning and numerous projects built, AVT has in-depth knowledge on the high – end construction market and holds expertise in the field of sustainable design as well as product specification and sourcing. Having AVT as our technical consultant on international projects allows us to meet our clients’ expectation on highest technological quality and to ensure a holistic approach on all our projects. INUCE regularly cooperates with AVT in the following sectors:

     - ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design)
     - Product Specificaton
     - Workmanship & Materials
     - Technical Realization & Construction Detailing.
Prof. Dr. M. v. Törne is the founder of AVT - Architekten v. Törne.
Important moments of his professional carrer included a Ph. D. in Architecture followed by a Professorship at the renowned Technical University Darmstadt, the foundation of AVT in 1976, and the Chairmanship of the Committee of Experts at the Chamber of Architects Hessen, Germany.
Gösta v. Törne is Partner at AVT - Architekten v. Törne.
He is a registered architect at the Chamber of Architects in Hessen as well as Health and Safety Coordinator for Construction Sites in Germany. Before joining AVT Mr. v.Törne has worked for architectural practises concluding projects in Germany and throughout Europe. With numerous buildings realized and currently supervising renovation projects at the Airport Frankfurt, Mr. v. Törne is a true expert in the field of construction and a guarantor for the proverbial German Quality in project execution and detailing.