“Luoyuan Church” awarded with
a “Special Commendation” at
LEAF AWARDS 2014... read more:
INUCE , headquartered in the heart of Europe, is an international design office that specializes in architectural and urban design. Led by an experienced and diversified team of designers and marketers, it is INUCE’s mission to exceed our customer expectations through state-of-the-art service. Our work encompasses design and consulting services throughout all stages of project design. We believe that in order to enable the convergence of design originality, technical feasibility and commercial success, the following principles are to be applied to every single project:
Understand the Place! Every project is part of an existing urban structure and urban history! We are aware of the intrinsic responsibility we have as architects as we influence the world with our designs. Thus, whenever appropriate, we integrate existing buildings, paths, or landscapes into our projects, giving them new meaning and purpose within the emerging complex. If no distinct features are existent on site, we seek to give identity to the project by searching for local typologies and if reasonable applying and reinterpreting them within our designs.
Respect the Culture! On a most fundamental level we believe that the cultural, social, and economic impact that a project has on the city, will also affect its attractivity for future costumers, and ultimately determine its commercial success or failure! This is why for every project we undertake comprehensive surveys through which we seek to understand its cultural and economical interdependencies with its neighborhood. This allows us to consider existent patterns such as local traditions and shopping habits, making our designs more original, more rooted in their environment, and ensuring the future development will become an integrated, living part of the city, with a strong identity of its own!
Use Sustainable Technologies! In our designs we embrace the new possibilities which latest technological development has opened up in the field of construction. We believe energy – efficient technologies and Environmentally Sustainable Design to be imperative particularly in our time. The INUCE Network allows us to meet this demand by involving technical experts from Germany into our design process which help us to consider and control all aspects of a project already at the earliest stages.
Create to Surprise! Excellent architectural design is always a perfect combination of function and art, which can be achieved neither by pure solution-based approaches nor through arbitrarily generated artistic expressions alone. Our philosophy is reflected in the conviction that true creativity in expression, true innovation in functionality is generated out of the inner and outer conditions of each project itself.